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Pay your Council Tax

You can pay your Council Tax bill in the following ways:

The easiest way to pay is by direct debit.

Pay your Council Tax by direct debit and every month from April 2015 to March 2016 we'll enter you into our prize draw to win £100 Terms and conditions.

Direct debit

Set up and pay your Council Tax by direct debit

Select Council Tax once you have activated your account online.

You will need your eight digit reference number. This is on the top right corner of your bill.

Bill Tiny 8

You have a choice of four payment dates: 1, 10, 15 and 26 of the month. You can also pay over 10 or 12 months.

Once it is set up, payments are taken automatically from your bank account. This is the cheapest collection method and helps to reduce the cost of administering the council tax. There is no need to renew your direct debit instruction each year after it has been set up. 

If the amounts to be paid or the payment dates change, we will notify you 10 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed.

Other ways to set up a direct debit

Download a direct debit instruction

Paying over 10 instalments

When we issue an annual bill to you in March, you can pay your council tax in ten monthly instalments over the financial year, which runs from 1 April to 31 March. Instalments are due on the 10 of each month, unless you pay by direct debit where a choice of payment dates is offered (see below) or if you pay over 12 instalments (also see below).

If you move house, the number of instalments on your new bill will reflect the full months left in the financial year less one.

If you pay late, we will remind you about your bill. If you repeatedly fail to pay on time, we may stop your right to pay by instalments.

Paying over 12 instalments

You can now opt to pay your Council Tax over 12 instalments from April to March. Depending on when applications are received, payments (other than direct debit) will be due on the 15 or the 26 of the month. However, if you pay by direct debit you have a choice of 4 payment dates.

Please apply in writing to the Tax and Rates Section, Herefordshire Council, P.O. Box 224, Hereford HR1 2XW or by email to

Cancelling a direct debit

To cancel your direct debit, please use the contact details above or use our online form and  select council tax under Nature of enquiry.

Contact us - online form

Debit card

Pay your bill online 

Pay by calling Allpay on 08445 578321.

You will need the 19 digit number found under the barcode on the front of your bill.

Bill Tiny

At the Post Office

You can pay at any Post Office free of charge. Find your nearest Post Office.

Please take your bill with you, so that the Post Office can scan the barcode.

Pay with PayPoint

You can pay free of charge anywhere that you see the PayPoint sign. Please take your bill with you, so that they can scan the barcode.

By cheque

You can pay your bill by sending a cheque to Council Tax Section, Revenue and Benefits, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE. Please ensure your Council Tax reference number is written on the back of the cheque.

By BACS or faster payment

If you wish to pay by BACS or faster payment from your bank you can do so. Please use the bank account details below ensuring you quote your 8-digit account reference number on all payments made to ensure they are allocated against your account. 

  • Sort Code:          53-50-41
  • Account No:       55059805

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