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Parish council elections

Herefordshire is divided into 239 parishes represented by 1229 councillors.

Elections for all of Herefordshire's parishes take place every four years on the first Thursday in May. A councillor who is elected to serve on the parish council will begin their term of office on the fourth day after the election.

A councillor elected at other times as a casual vacancy will serve for the unexpired period of office. Their term of office begins immediately after the election.

Parish election results

We will provide the results on the parish election results page.

Forthcoming parish elections 

Further information including Notices of Election can be found on our forthcoming parish elections page.

Stand for election

Stand for election as a parish councillor

Find out about standing as a candidate

Find out more about parish councils and the community

You can view local government boundaries for Herefordshire at the Election Maps website.

Current casual vacancies

View the current list of casual vacancies for parish council elections.

When are there vacancies at a parish council?

A parish council vacancy may arise for a number of reasons, such as a councillor's resignation or extended non-attendance at meetings.

When a vacancy occurs, the parish clerk will notify us and arrange to advertise the vacancy for 14 working days. If no valid request for an election is made, the council can choose a councillor.

For more information about qualifying as a candidate, visit our guidance for prospective parish councillors page.

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