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Council contracts and expenditure

Contracts register

Download and view our current contracts register:

The contracts register includes the following information which can help you decide whether your business could look to do business with the council:

  • Contract title and brief description - column F
  • Current supplier - column G
  • Contract start and end dates - columns H and I
  • Any extensions in place - columns J and K
  • Contract type - column M
  • Estimated whole contract value - column P

Expand the columns to see the full values of numbers and dates.

On high-value contracts, such as for highways or property services, there may be subcontract opportunities for smaller businesses. We recommend that you contact the relevant contractor for further information on subcontracting.


You can see records of all expenditures over £500 since April 2010.

This data is available under the Open Government Licence.

For information about council statement of accounts and audit visit the council finances page.

Why are there ######## in the data set?

These are numbers and dates in our spreadsheets and if the column is quite narrow the numbers and dates are shown as #s. If you widen the column you will be able to see the date or number properly.

Why are there negative entries (-) in the data set?

Income or other negative spend (for example, corrections) are shown with a leading minus sign.