What we are consulting on

The council is consulting on a proposal to lift the restrictive education covenants from the land and playing fields at the former Holme Lacy Primary School, Holme Lacy, Hereford with a view to disposing of or redeveloping the land. A plan of the former school land and playing field under consultation, the consultation letter and associated notice can be downloaded from this page.

The notice will be made available at the site and other community areas, for the benefit of those who do not receive individual notification.

Who we are consulting

We want to get as many views as possible, including views from:

  • Local community
  • Local councillors

Take part in the consultation

Please read the background to the consultation and view the area plan and documents before making your comments.

View and download Holme Lacy site plans and consultation letter and notice 

If you wish to comment on the proposal, please do so by 29 March 2017.

You can make your comments by:

Under the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985, your written comments will constitute a document which is available for any member of the public to see on demand.

If you need help to understand this document, or to comment on it, please email: schoolcapitalinvestment@herefordshire.gov.uk

Consultation dates and publication of results

The consultation starts on Thursday 16 February 2017 and will run for six weeks until Wednesday 29 March 2017 inclusive.

The results and a decision will be available by June 2017.

Background to the consultation

Holme Lacy Primary School closed on 31 December 2012 following a statutory consultation period in the Summer Term 2011/12. Pupil numbers at the school had been declining over the previous five years and it was expected that there would be no children on roll at the school in September 2012. There was no evidence or indication that demand for places at the school would increase in the foreseeable future and it was very unlikely that any such demand would be at a level to sustain the school financially or educationally. There was also no significant new housing development planned in the schools catchment area. Pupils that were on roll at the school in the summer term transferred to one of eight primary schools in the county.

From Autumn 2013 the building and playing fields were used by the Robert Owen Academy, following a directive from the Education Funding Agency, pending refurbishment and extension of premises that had been identified for the free school in the centre of Hereford. These new premises were occupied from September 2014, however the buildings and playing fields at Holme Lacy continued to be used by the Robert Owen Academy until the end of the lease which was 29 August 2015. Since that time no use has been made of either the buildings or the playing fields by any party.

The playing fields are therefore no longer required following the closure of the school.

The council is looking to invest in all schools in the county to improve facilities and bring buildings in line with the specifications included in the Building Bulletins. To this end we have developed a School Capital Investment Strategy which outlines the improvements required around the county including relocating and extending school buildings. The council is looking at combinations of several different mechanisms to fund identified projects. These include; receipts from land sales, schools contributions, Section 106/CIL contributions from developers, council borrowing, revenue funding, basic need funding, maintenance and LCVAP allocations. Where capital projects are envisaged that include academies in order to support local authority place planning, joint funding arrangements between the council and the EfA is being sought.

The council will use the receipts from the land to enable investment to be made to improve facilities in other schools around the county in line with the School Capital Investment Strategy.

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