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Emergency road closures and diversions

Current road closures and notices, last updated on Thursday 11 February 2016 at 9.40am

To view the location of a road on a map, enter the road number in the Explore Herefordshire map search box.

Road number Area Cause Road condition Last update
WC72A (BOAT) Pritchards Lane, Symonds Yat Damaged road surface Closed 00001089651 Day ago
C1120 Morton To Marden Flooding Closed 00001089641 Day ago
C1122 A49 to Marden Flooding Closed 00001089641 Day ago
U93624 High Street Leominster Other Open 00001089641 Day ago
C1113 Ketch Lane Flooding Closed 00001089631 Day ago
C1121 Millcroft Road Flooding Closed 00001089631 Day ago
C1120 Smeedles Lane Flooding Closed 00001089631 Day ago
U92210 Jay Lane Leintwardine Flooding Closed 00001089621 Day ago
Thursday 11 February 2016 at 9.40am

What are temporary road closures?

If works on the highway, or some large deliveries or events, require the closure of a road, the highway authority must issue a traffic regulation order. These events are likely to be more disruptive to traffic so they require higher levels of coordination and communication.

Herefordshire Council is the highway authority for the majority of the county's roads. This is except for the trunk roads and motorways (A49T, A40T (Ross-on-Wye to Monmouth) and the M50), which are managed by the Highways Agency.

How do I apply for a temporary road closure?

To apply for a temporary road closure, please complete the temporary road closure application form.

Complete an application form

How do I apply for a road closure for a street party?

If your street party requires partial or complete closure of a road, you need to apply in advance to our contractor using the application for a temporary road closure form and include the reason for the road closure.

Complete a temporary road closure form online

Please give as much notice as possible. This will allow us to properly assess your application and coordinate your closure with any others.

Do I need public liability insurance for a street party?

If you are organising a street party, we advise you to consider obtaining public liability insurance.

Normally, the council does not provide insurance for street parties. However, if the street party is for a national celebration, such as a royal wedding or jubilee, we may provide insurance.

Do I need to apply for a temporary event notice for a street party?

Yes, if your street party involves a bar, band or dancing, you may also require a temporary event notice (cost £21).

This covers up to 500 people attending and you must apply 12 working days in advance of the event.

You can apply online for a temporary event notice.

This information is based on the latest available reports from council and police sources but is not necessarily comprehensive. Conditions are liable to change at short notice. We advise motorists to take care on all routes and to comply with warning signs.

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