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Although the weather has improved there are some roads closed due to surface damage. View the road closures page. If you or your business have been affected by flooding visit the what to do after flooding page.

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Winter roads and gritting routes

For the latest updates on road gritting in Herefordshire follow @herefordstreets and for road gritting in the West Midlands follow @wmgrit

Gritting routes

To find out which roads in Herefordshire are gritted search the gritting routes map.

Winter service

Winter service is a large-scale gritting and snow clearance operation, which rolls into place each October aimed at keeping Herefordshire road users safe and the highway network open. Our contractor carries out gritting on behalf of Herefordshire Council.

We have a duty to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, that snow or ice do not endanger safe passage along a highway.

Herefordshire's trunk roads and motorways, including the M50 and the A49, are maintained by the Highways Agency.

The winter gritting in Herefordshire leaflet provides further information on:

  • When roads and pavements are gritted
  • The amount of grit we stock
  • Tips for clearing snow and ice
  • Winter driving tips

What is the cost of winter gritting?

Depending on the severity of the winter weather, winter maintenance can cost from £800,000 to over £2 million. During the 2010/11 winter season we spent £1.383 million gritting the county's roads. 

Which routes are gritted?

To keep up to date on road gritting in Herefordshire, follow us on Twitter at

In extreme weather, we list road closures on the road closures and diversions page.

To find out which roads in Herefordshire are gritted search the gritting routes map.

Priority routes

Of the 2044 miles of road in the county, 598 miles (29 per cent) are priority routes and receive precautionary salting. Our contractor carries out both precautionary and reactive gritting on behalf of Herefordshire Council.

We aim to have all routes completed in two and a half hours. Generally, all planned early morning treatments are completed before 7.30am.

There are 15 priority routes and the maps for these routes can be found on this page.

Secondary routes

In cold weather, other roads may be icy and in prolonged freezing weather or snow, we carry out, whenever possible, salting or snow clearance on a set of secondary routes.

There are 25 secondary routes and the maps for these routes can be found on this page.

School routes

We treat roads that provide access to schools as a high priority in times of severe or prolonged winter weather.

Footways (pavements) and cycleways (cycle paths)

We treat a defined set of footways and cycleways in accordance with the availability of resources and the prevailing conditions.

Car parks

We treat council run public car parks in Hereford and the market towns when surface temperatures are predicted to remain below freezing for 24 hours or more ice is predicted.

A list of the car parks (PDF document) we treat.

Request a grit bin

Parish councils can request roadside grit bins to provide cover on minor roads where possible. Such roads might not otherwise be gritted.

We provide the salt/grit in these bins for spreading on public highways only. We consider any unauthorised use of this salt to treat other premises as theft.

To make a request for a grit bin, please contact your parish council, providing details of the requested location and your name and contact details.

Enter your postcode on the parish councils map to find the name and contact details for your parish clerk.

How do I request a grit bin refill or repair or hand gritting?

We aim to fill all our grit bins by winter and maintain these stocks throughout the winter season. If salt supplies and resources allow, we normally re-stock bins in January or following a request.

To request winter services such as grit bin refilling or repair or hand gritting in your area, please contact us:

We respond to online requests within 10 working days. If the matter is urgent please telephone 01432 261800.

Please remember, when making a gritting request:

  • Try to provide a good location - street name, road number and any landmarks
  • Provide as much information as possible that will help our contractors find the grit bin or area for which you are requesting maintenance

All requests are considered. Decisions are made in accordance with available resources and the prevailing conditions.

Request urgent gritting required on roads or pavements

Our contractor carries out both precautionary and reactive gritting of priority routes. Whenever possible and when conditions require we also grit or clear snow on a set of secondary routes. View the routes which are gritted.

To report icy roads or pavements requiring urgent gritting, please call:

  • Telephone: 01432 261800